Wood essences gallery

We are glad to introduce to you to our noble essences gallery . All the wood essences that we are listing, have been selected for their peculiarties. Time resistance and sparkling colours for your eyes happyness, the merit to be at the base of your home life, to serve you for a long time without any kind of problem, unifying in this way different generations.
It could also become a precious family heritage, because the solid wood parquet owns not even a technical but also a spiritual value that, as time goes by is constantly growing up. Timber holds inside trees soul, passion and the music of the living nature. It is for all these reasons that for us is not possible to describe timber only using technical terms.
We feel sure we will help you to make the right choice to fulfil your needs.

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Castagno oliato
Rovere spazzolato oliato
Noce spazzolato oliato
Ciliegio spazzolato oliato

Oak. An example of a classic King. Noble tough, impassive with a real man temper.
Ash. Tough harmonious and poetic
Chestnut. Respectable, rural with antient tastes.
Walnut. Precious, alive, expressive. As every human being each Walnut is an unique exemplar. No other tree could boast of such refinement, beauty and uniqueness in contrasts and ornamental drawings.
Cherry. A naughty little prince. Anyway you cannot help loving it because it is able to inspire the unexpected and the magnificent.
Maple. A simple intellectual that invites you to be your self.
Zebrano. Really solid shining unforgettable esothic and gorgeous.
Doussie`. Mysterious and romantic
Olive. Really hot and exciting, it awakes your fantasy.


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