Maintenance suggestions

Our company offers you the solid wood parquet already painted ready for the laying and that does not need any other kind of working. It enters your homes without creating those tipical inconvenients such as unpleasant smells and dangerous dusty.

Our company uses only natural oils and paints that allow timber to develop its noble qualities. It is important to point out that painting makes parquet more convenient. One of its advantages is the easy maintenance: it is enough to clean the parquet using a dampened torn. It is not sensitive to temperature and moisture variation. It is suitable also for the public areas.

Oiling is a traditional treatment that allows to better transmit the beauty the color and the structure of the timber. Oiled parquets needs a more accurate maintenance than the painted parquet. Maintenance is also in this case very easy; you have to dry cleaning this kind of parquet with a soft and a little bit dampened torn. To keep its qualities it is better to periodically clean it using a specific floor product. Buying our parquet you will receive laying and cleaning instructions
P.S As we learnt from experience it is impossibile to avoid the risk of timber movements. For this reason some little modifications through time may occur but these represent one of its properties.


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